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Calecim Hair Treatment

What is Calecim Hair Serum Singapore?

Calecim Hair Treatment

Calecim's hair treatment, known specifically as the Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System, is a cutting-edge solution designed to combat hair thinning and loss by leveraging the regenerative properties found in ethically sourced biological materials. The treatment is centered around the innovative PTT-6® ingredient, a key component that has been shown to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair shedding by activating the hair follicles and supporting their health.

This hair restoration program is structured as a 6-week regimen where the treatment is applied directly to the scalp. Often combined with a derma stamp, the application process is designed to maximize the scalp's absorption of the product, thereby enhancing its effectiveness. The primary goal of this treatment is to address and mitigate hair shedding or fallout, promote the regrowth of hair, and increase hair density, offering a proactive approach to hair restoration.

Without focusing on the specific source of its key ingredients, the Calecim hair treatment distinguishes itself through its focus on activating the scalp's natural regenerative processes. This results in a noticeable improvement in hair thickness and health, making it a valuable option for individuals experiencing hair thinning or loss.

Does Calecim work for hair loss and how?

This treatment works by targeting the scalp with a formulation designed to encourage the natural regeneration processes of hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth and reducing hair shedding. Here’s how it works:

1. Activation of Hair Follicles: The primary ingredient in the Calecim hair treatment is designed to stimulate the hair follicles. By activating these follicles, the treatment encourages the growth of new hair strands and works to increase the density of the hair. This activation is crucial for areas where hair thinning is observed, as it helps to initiate the growth phase of the hair cycle.

2. Reduction of Hair Shedding: Another key aspect of the treatment is its ability to manage hair shedding. By improving the health and vitality of the hair follicles, the treatment helps to anchor the hair more securely, reducing the rate of hair fall. This is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing excessive hair shedding, as it helps to maintain a fuller head of hair.

3. Optimizing Scalp Health: The treatment also contributes to the overall health of the scalp. A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair growth, as it provides a nourishing environment for the hair follicles. By addressing scalp health, the treatment ensures that the hair follicles are in the best possible condition to produce healthy hair.

4. Enhancing Hair Thickness and Volume: Users of the Calecim hair treatment often report improvements in hair thickness and volume. This is a direct result of the treatment’s ability to stimulate new hair growth while reducing shedding, leading to a fuller appearance.

What are the benefits of Calecim?

1. Stimulation of Hair Growth: The Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System targets the scalp and hair follicles, stimulating hair growth and helping to reverse the effects of thinning hair.

2. Reduction of Hair Shedding: By strengthening the hair follicles and improving scalp health, Calecim’s hair treatment can significantly reduce hair shedding, contributing to a fuller head of hair.

3. Improved Scalp Health: The treatment enhances the overall health of the scalp, ensuring that it provides an optimal environment for hair growth. This includes addressing scalp dryness, irritation, and other issues that can hinder hair health.

4. Enhancement of Hair Density and Volume: Users of the hair treatment often report improvements in hair density and volume, which is a direct result of the treatment’s efficacy in promoting new hair growth and reducing hair loss.

Area of Application for Calecim Hair Treatment

Thinning Hairlines: The hairline, often one of the first places to show signs of thinning, can benefit from the application of Calecim's hair treatment to promote regrowth and density.

Bald Spots: Areas of the scalp where hair has thinned or bald spots have appeared can be targeted with the treatment to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage new hair growth.

Crown Area: The crown is another common area for male and female pattern hair loss. Applying the treatment here can help in increasing hair density and reducing the visibility of scalp through thinning hair.

Overall Scalp Coverage for Thinning Hair: For those experiencing a general thinning across the scalp, the treatment can be applied more broadly to support hair health and promote a fuller appearance.

Post-Partum Thinning: Many women experience hair thinning after pregnancy. The Calecim hair treatment can be applied to affected areas to support recovery of hair density.

Aging-Related Thinning: As part of the natural aging process, hair can thin and lose its vitality. Targeted application on areas most affected can help mitigate these effects.

How often should you use Calecim? - Number of Sessions for Calecim Hair Treatment

Initial Treatment Phase: Often, a treatment cycle of at least 6 weeks is recommended to allow sufficient time for the active ingredients to stimulate the hair follicles and to begin seeing changes in hair growth and density. During this phase, the treatment is usually applied once or twice daily, directly to the areas of the scalp experiencing thinning or hair loss.

Evaluation: After completing the initial treatment phase, it's advisable to evaluate the results. This evaluation can help determine if additional treatment cycles are necessary or if moving to a maintenance phase is appropriate.

Maintenance Phase: Depending on the individual's response to the treatment, a maintenance phase may be recommended. This phase might involve less frequent application of the product to sustain the improvements in hair density and scalp health achieved during the initial treatment phase.

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