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Sylfirm X: The Future of Radio Frequency Microneedling

Discover the transformative power of Sylfirm X, the first dual-wave RF microneedling system approved by the FDA.


Sylfirm X Singapore leverages innovative technology to target and rejuvenate the underlying structures of the skin, enhancing tone, texture, and overall health.


Ideal for tackling a variety of skin concerns; 

  • Pigmentation

  • Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Lift Saggy skin

  • Acne & Acne scars

Our treatments are customized to your unique needs, ensuring optimal results with minimal discomfort and downtime. Experience the next level of skin revitalization and reveal a brighter, more youthful complexion with Sylfirm X.

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Sylfirm X Benefits

Slyfirm X benefits

Here are the four key benefits of Sylfirm X:

Sagging Skin of person

Enhanced Collagen Production

Sylfirm X treatments stimulate the skin's natural collagen production, crucial for maintaining youthful, firm, and elastic skin. By targeting deeper layers, it promotes healing from within, effectively reducing signs of aging

Pigment on face

Advanced Pigmentation Treatment

The dual-wave technology of Sylfirm X is particularly effective in treating various types of pigmentation issues, including melasma and age spots. This focus on hyperpigmentation treatment helps to even out skin tone and improve overall complexion.

Acne and scars on face

Acne and Scar Reduction

Sylfirm X is adept at reducing the appearance of acne scars and active acne. Its microneedling process opens pores and allows for deep treatment, which helps in clearing blemishes and smoothing skin texture.

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Minimal Downtime and Discomfort:

Unlike more invasive procedures, Sylfirm X offers a comfortable treatment experience with minimal downtime. This benefit is especially appealing to busy individuals seeking effective cosmetic improvements without significant disruption to their daily activities

Sylfirm X singapore benefits

How does Sylfirm X work?

Sylfirm X works by combining microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy, specifically designed to target both superficial and deeper layers of the skin. Here's a simplified explanation of the process:

Microneedling Technique: Sylfirm X uses a series of tiny needles that penetrate the skin to create controlled micro-injuries. These micro-injuries stimulate the body’s natural healing process, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.

Selective Treatment: The technology is designed to selectively target problematic areas such as abnormal blood vessels and pigmented cells, without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. This results in effective treatment of conditions like rosacea, melasma, and other types of skin discoloration.

Sylfirm X steps and process

Dual-Wave RF Energy: Unique to Sylfirm X, it emits both pulsed and continuous waveforms of RF energy. This dual approach allows for precise targeting of skin concerns. The RF energy is delivered through the micro-needles, which enables deeper penetration and more effective tissue heating without damaging the skin surface.

Collagen Remodeling and Skin Tightening: The heat generated by the RF energy also helps in remodeling existing collagen and promotes the formation of new collagen, leading to skin tightening and an overall improvement in skin texture and firmness.

Sylfirm X Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sylfirm X really work?

Yes, Sylfirm X is effective for various skin issues by combining microneedling with radiofrequency technology, which stimulates collagen production and addresses skin concerns like wrinkles, scars, and uneven skin tone. The dual-mode RF technology allows targeted treatment at different skin depths. Results can start showing after the first few sessions, with full benefits typically visible a few months after completing the treatment series. Results and effectiveness can vary, so it's important to have a consultation with a qualified professional to tailor the treatment to individual needs.

How long does Sylfirm X last?

The results of Sylfirm X treatments can last quite a while, making it a solid investment for skin health. Typically, the effects can persist for up to a year or longer. However, the duration can vary based on individual factors like skin condition, care routine, and lifestyle habits. For sustained results, periodic maintenance sessions are usually recommended. Additionally, adhering to a good skincare regimen post-treatment, including using high SPF sunblock and keeping the skin hydrated, can help extend the benefit.

How long after Sylfirm do you see results?

After undergoing Sylfirm X treatment, initial improvements can often be noticed right after the first session, although these early changes might be subtle. More significant and visible results typically start to appear a few weeks after treatment, as the skin begins its natural healing and rejuvenation process.


The most noticeable effects, especially in terms of skin firmness, texture, and overall appearance, are generally observed around three months after completing a series of treatments. This timeline allows for the full cycle of collagen regeneration and skin remodeling to take effect. Regular follow-up sessions might be recommended to maintain and enhance the results further.

How often should I do Sylfirm? How many Sylfirm treatments or sessions do you need?

For Sylfirm X treatments, the recommended frequency and number of sessions can vary depending on individual skin conditions and treatment goals. Typically, a series of 3 to 6 sessions is suggested, spaced about 2 to 4 weeks apart. This schedule allows the skin to respond to the treatment and begin the process of collagen production and healing in between sessions.

After the initial series of treatments, some patients may require maintenance sessions to sustain and enhance the results. These follow-up treatments might be scheduled several months apart, depending on how the skin responds and the long-term goals of the treatment.

Does Sylfirm tighten skin?

Yes, Sylfirm X is known for its ability to tighten skin. The treatment combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) technology, which helps to stimulate collagen production deep within the skin layers. This process not only promotes skin rejuvenation but also enhances skin tightening. As collagen fibers regenerate and remodel, the skin's elasticity improves, leading to a firmer and more youthful appearance.

The RF energy specifically targets areas of skin laxity, effectively treating loose skin and improving its overall texture and tone. This makes Sylfirm X a popular choice for those looking to reduce signs of aging and achieve tighter, smoother skin.

Dr Sy Li Lin in doctor attire photoshoot

Meet our Doctor, Dr. Sy Li Lin

Dr. Sy Li Lin is an experienced aesthetic doctor with 12 years of experience and counting, who has performed a vast number of lasers and injectables, and holds numerous prestigious certifications, offering evidence-based and personalised treatments to clients based on their individual concerns and aesthetic goals, drawing from her extensive clinical background and beauty pageant experience. She is the Medical Director at Fundamental Aesthetic Medical Clinic

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